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Blood Moon: Book 1 of the Crescent Crown Saga

A dark force is brewing over the Crescent City...


When the Gaumond twins were seven, Leo could conjure flowers from thin air and Monette could turn invisible. But after a horrifying encounter with a beast in the Appalachian mountains, they left magic in their past.


Twenty-four year old Leo is finally living his dream as a full-time musician and settling into a new apartment in the French Quarter. That is until he meets his mysterious neighbor, Arachne. He is suddenly thrust into a dark world of masquerade balls, blood sacrifice rituals, and a crusade for the crescent crown which promises peace for the city’s humans. But nothing is as it seems. Leo quickly discovers he is ensnared in a web of lies. Unknown enemies stalk the night, threatening his loved ones and his fledgling music career. All the while Leo can't help but fall for the captivating Arachne...


Now Leo is fighting for his life and Arachne is fighting for something greater than herself. Will they be able to save New Orleans from total destruction before it's too late?


Hunter Moon: Book 2 of the Crescent Crown Saga

The hunter moon rises with the blood moon...

Pre-Orders: June 21st, 2021

Release: October 31st, 2021


Wolf Moon: Book 3 of the Crescent Crown Saga

A lone wolf is only loyal to the moon...

Release: January 1st, 2022

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