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Meet the Characters

of A Promise So Dark & Wicked

Saoirse Sword Wedding Dress.jpg

Princess Saoirse Ó Mordha

Pronounced: seeur-sha

Hair: crimson red ringlets

Eyes: gray-blue/opalescent

Skin: fair

Family: King Tiernan (father), Roisin (sister), Fionn (brother)

The eldest princess of Eire, Saoirse is fierce and dedicated to her realm. She is focused on honing her archery and sword fighting skills to protect her people from the slúagh na marbh, dark fae which are wreaking havoc. Her father wishes for her to marry but she has no interest in men... except for the fantasy man who visits in her dreams each night.

Ciaran Ó Fearghail 

Pronounced: kee-ran

Hair: raven black hair

Eyes: dark

Skin: lightly tanned

Family: Eoin (father), Siobhan (mother)

When Ciaran was a baby, Tiernan promised his eldest daughter to Eoin's eldest son following the Dragon Wars. However, the mischievous fae abducted baby Ciaran and he was presumed missing indefinitely. One day he returns, intent on taking his wedding vows with Saoirse, having fallen in love with her by visiting with her in their dreams over the years. Dark secrets lurk in his past even he is unaware of...

Princess Róisín Ó Mordha:

Pronuciation: ro-sheen

Hair: fiery red curls

Eyes: emerald green

Skin: fair, lots of freckles

Family: King Tiernan (father), Saoirse (sister), Fionn (brother)

Quiet, yet witty, Roisin spends most of her time in her library Observatory tower reading and studying. She is generally timid yet can be mischievous at times. Roisin looks up to her older siblings Saoirse and Fionn as brave and confident leaders that she aspires to be like. She is challenged by a stutter.

Fionn crown.jpg

Prince Fionn Ó Mordha:

Pronounced: Fee-own

Hair: bronze-rusty red

Eyes: hazel

Skin: fair

Family: King Tiernan (father), Saoirse (sister), Roisin (sister)

Fionn enjoys pestering his sisters, especially Saoirse just to get a rise out of her. He deals with his emotions through humor, even if he can be spiteful at times. Knight Liam is his significant other.

King Tiernan Ó Mordha of Eire:

Pronunciation: teer-nan

Hair: long russet-brown with gray streaks; beard

Eyes: hazel

Skin: fair, tanned, scars & wrinkles

Family: Saoirse (daughter), Fionn (son), Roisin (daughter)

The king and sovereign of Eire, he spent much of his younger years defending the realm in the Dragon Wars alongside his friend and comrade, Eoin, who was injured in a sacrificial effort to save King Tiernan's life. Because of this, Tiernan promised his eldest daughter to marry Eoin's firstborn son, Ciaran. He has fallen ill and so decides to appoint his children as regents of the realm to make decisions as his health continues to fail. Tiernan hopes to see at least his eldest daughter wed before he succumbs to the illness.

Prince Desmond of Tiene

Hair: blond

Eyes: nut brown

Skin: fair

Desmond is the crown prince of Tiene and intent on marrying Princess Saoirse for power and personal reasons. Tiene is a prosperous realm, while Eire has long suffered since the Dragon Wars. Despite the challenges, Eire has rich resources in its forests and mountains and access to the coast.


Nessa Ó Brónach

Hair: dark soil brown

Eyes: bright hazel

Skin: fair, olive-tone

Family: Captain of the Gaurd Callahan Ó Brónach (father)

Princess Saoirse's lady-in-waiting, Nessa is engaged to Knight Callum. She is sweet, attentive, and loves to talk. Nessa is always looking for a way to be helpful around the Edenoiath Castle.


Captain Callahan Ó Brónach

Hair: gray

Eyes: bright hazel

Skin: fair, olive-tone

Family: Nessa (daughter),

Captain of the Guard in Edenoiath Castle. He is a stickler for law and order. Having sworn his oath to King Tiernan to defend Eire and its people, he takes his job very seriously.

Siobhán Ó Fearghail 

Pronounced: shiv-awn

Hair: raven black hair

Eyes: dark

Skin: lightly tanned

Family: Eoin (husband), Ciaran (son)

She fought bravely alongside her husband, Eoin, during the Dragon Wars. While she struggled with many pregnancies and miscarriages, she felt fortunate when she finally had Ciaran. Then one night, the fae kidnapped him and replaced him with a changeling. Devastated, she focused on tending to her husband and his disability since fighting in the war, retiring completely from royal affairs, resigned to be childless.

Eoin Ó Fearghail 

Pronounced: owen

Hair: sandy hair

Eyes: green

Skin: fair, lightly tanned

Family: Siobhan (wife), Ciaran (son)

Eoin fought bravely alongside his wife and his best friend, Tiernan, during the Dragon Wars. He sacrificed himself in battle to save his friend's life, becoming disabled with damage to his leg and spine. He walks with a cane and is suspicious of the fae after they refused to help Eire during the Dragon Wars.


Lorcán (lor-kawn)

Pronounced: lore-kan

Hair: long silvery hair

Eyes: light

Skin: fair

Royal Chancellor and Scribe to King Tiernan, he takes notes of Court, drafts royal edicts, and manages the internal affairs of Edenoiath Castle on behalf of the king. Lorcan was young when the Dragon Wars were fought, losing his parents in the battles. He taught the princesses and prince of Eire how to read and write, helping to raise them when their mother left Eire.

Sile magic.jpg

High Priestess Síle

Pronounced: shee-la

Hair: silver-gray hair

Eyes: turquoise blue-green

Skin: bronze

The high priestess of Eire, Síle is a magic wielder. The priestly order take vows of chastity, so she has dedicated her life to the Gods and spirits of the realm. She conducts all the royal rituals such as realm-wide prayers, weddings, and funeral rites.


Pronounced: air-ren

Hair: dark brown with auburn tint

Eyes: azure blue

Skin: bronze

A dragon by day and a man by night, Arryn suffers his curse in isolation at a hidden castle deep in the Cionaoith Mountains beyond the Sheridan Forest in Eire. He unknowingly welcomes a thief to his home when Roisin sets out to steal what she believes to be a defensive weapon from his castle. He quickly becomes enamored with her charm... which may be his downfall.

Queen Rhiannon of Aos Sí


Hair: dark brown with golden highlights

Eyes: hazel

Skin: tawny brown with golden freckles

Other: monarch butterfly wings; a warm aura of wildflowers and sunshine

Queen Rhiannon of the Seelie Court is summer incarnate and rules for the benefit of fae. She lost her husband, King Pádraig, many years ago and is currently the sole sovereign of the Seelie Court. Butterflies follow her and wildflowers grow at her feet wherever she goes.


Pronunciation: deer-dra

Hair: long blond

Eyes: forest green

Skin: pale green

Other: Dryad; majestic silvery-white deer antlers

Dierdre is a High Dryad of the Seelie Court and the presumed heiress/successor of Aos Si. She is deeply in love with Ciaran, having grown up with him in the fae realm.


Princess Farai of Aos Si

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: green

Skin: tawny brown

Younger sister to Queen Rhiannon, she has no interest in ruling Aos Si. Instead, she travels often and stirs up trouble wherever she goes.

Liam knight.jpg

Knight Liam

Hair: blond

Eyes: blue

Skin: lightly tanned

Significant other to Prince Fionn, he enjoys training with Princess Saoirse and serving as a knight with his best friend, Callum.

Knight Callum

Hair: dark brown, dark stubble

Eyes: brown

Skin: cedar brown

Engaged to Nessa, Callum often trains with Liam and Saoirse.

Callum sword.jpg

Adelaide (Ada)

Hair: black

Eyes: maple brown

Skin: umber brown


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