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Hunter Moon: Liberty vs. Control

I love and focus on theme in my creative work. The ultimate thesis sets the tone for the whole plot, character development, and climax. I'm almost done writing my second book and wanted to share a little about it...

Blood Moon is a book which explores what it means to be human and freeing yourself from others' shackles. It introduces an amazing cast of characters with an action-packed, magical plot that I hope my readers fall in love with as I have.

Hunter Moon is a tale of vengeance and a contemplation on loss and mourning. It is a deeply personal story having lost and mourned this year a life cut short much too soon. What is the legacy we leave behind when we pass away? No one escapes this world alive... In this case a child represents the future hope for a society so divided against itself...

It's easy to fall into the trap of fear, dogmatic thinking, and ultimately vengeance. This is the guiding post quote for the entire novel: “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… For when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” - Friedrich W. Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

I absolutely adore the villain in Hunter Moon. She believes she is right in her crusade. And in many ways, we are empathetic to her struggle. Something evil happened to her family and that loss is very difficult for her. But rather than choose compassion for the individuals in her city and move forward, she chooses revenge against all people a part of that group and anyone complicit to that group because of the harm she believes they are causing. If you aren't with her, you are against her. She believes she knows the truth and is righteous in her mission. She can't be convinced otherwise because anything other than her truth is considered deceit, lies, naivety. She's been told this by an authority in her life who she trusts and she's affirmed it first hand from her perspective. She is not interested in experiencing anything different or meeting with her self-identified enemy.

Radicalization of thought turning toward oppression of others and ultimately violence... this can happen to anyone. I have extensively studied human rights abuses in many different places throughout history and candidly it's scary how quickly it can happen. The person may feel they are a valiant warrior in a crusade but not realize that they were acting as a pion to a king hiding in the shadows. They are following the crowd in murdering their neighbor because they are afraid for their own life and their family's safety when the radicalization spreads. "It must be right if I'm told to do it and everyone else is doing it..." Standing up and being unwavering behind principles, values regardless of others' manipulation can be a battle in and of itself. What do you do when the world is telling you that you are evil for loving their enemy? Over and over again? It's easy to give in even though you know it's not true...

The thesis of Hunter Moon is thus: Love Triumphs. Love for your neighbor. Love for your 'enemy' (we are all interconnected -- we do not have enemies). Love gets us through loss. Compassion and gratitude steers us from vengeful thoughts and fearful, hateful feelings.

I'm SO excited to share the next installment of the Crescent Crown Saga with you! Check out the links below for more info...

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