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About the Author

Schuyler Windham

"Speaking the truth is so often a revolutionary act. Don't bite your tongue. Don't wait for permission. Strike up your future and go!"

Schuyler Windham is a new, indie author out of Weeping Water, Nebraska, originally from Lincoln, NE. She graduated from Nebraska College of Law in 2018 with an emphasis in International & Human Rights Law and National Security Law. A lifelong Unitarian Universalist, she is dedicated to leaving the world better than she found it. She is a prolific songwriter, singing and playing the banjo in her band, Frailin' Hearts. In her spare time, she likes to play board games with her husband, travel, and cook for her family, while also enjoying the company of her cats, Zoe and Sonya, and Belgian Malinois, Rayden.

With a focus on character development and distinct world building, Schuyler primarily writes dark fantasy romance. Despite the fantastical settings, she strives for character realism with the understanding that every person is complicated shades of gray.


Personal Mission Statement & Values:

Live a life of intentionality: Liberty, Integrity, Responsibility, Creativity, Joy


Affirm the worth and dignity of every person: advocating for freedom of thought and choice while pursuing a free and responsible search for truth and meaning in my own life


Live a life of integrity: tell the truth and always curiously question everything

Work hard and be responsible: work an honest job which helps people in my community and provide for my family

Cultivate creativity: explore strategic ideas and projects to leave the world better than I found it, cultivating a creative spirit in others where I may

Nourish joyful relationships: meaningful with reciprocity

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