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Black-white striped and cracked natural

Meet the Characters

of the Crescent Crown Saga

Leonidas Gaumond (Leo)

Hair: dark

Eyes: amber

Skin: mahogany brown

Family: Monette (twin sister), Amaris (mom), Sterling (dad), Marcus (p. grandfather), Simone Beauchêne (m. grandmother), Aine Adair (m. aunt), Armina/Bellona/Cayden (cousins)

With a sense of humor and positive attitude, Leo does his best to protect his loved ones and find the good in people wherever he goes. When he falls for a mysterious demon he believes can be redeemed, he is cast out of blissful ignorance and into New Orleans' dark, magical underworld. His fledgling music career goes out the door after he crosses the wrong vampire and he becomes the target for unknown dark forces.

Arachne of Idmon

Hair: strawberry blond ringlet curls

Eyes: amethyst purple

Skin: fair, lightly golden suntanned

Family: Idmon (dad - deceased), (mom - deceased), Eshe (adopted daughter)

Arachne has a long history she wishes she could put behind her, yet she's trapped in a prison of her own making. As the Mother of Vampires, she feels responsible for the havoc her creations have inflicted on humanity, so she seeks control of New Orleans and all her vampires using incredibly powerful and dark demonic magic. When she sees herself from Leo's eyes, she begins to realize that even a demon deserves some happiness. She has a light scar around her neck.

Monette Gaumond (Mona)

Hair: short raven black

Eyes: blue (wears glasses)

Skin: tawny brown

Family: Leo (twin brother), Amaris (mom), Sterling (dad)

Studying ancient Middle Eastern anthropology, Monette enjoys reading books and helping others where she feels she's needed. She is clever in a pinch and eager to show off her knowledge. While Leo tries to shield Mona from the truth, they are both destined to discover and hone their magical skills together. Mona can be selfish at times and easily distracted by beautiful girls when they waltz into her life. She has a scar on her arm from where a beast attacked her as a child.

casquette sisters.jpg

Eshe Zawadi

Hair: ombre curls -- dark at the roots, lighter at the ends with pink tips

Eyes: magenta

Skin: umber brown

Family: (mom and dad - deceased), Arachne (adoptive mom)

Orphaned as a baby, Arachne adopted Eshe and is raising her. Eshe is followed almost everywhere by her familiar, Ozul, a handsome black cat with emerald green eyes. Appearing around the age of 7 or 8, she is curious, optimistic, and a proficient magic user with an often serene, whimsical demeanor. She is a witch-vampire hybrid and strives to fit in somewhere in the divisive world which views her as an abomination.


Hair: long ink black hair

Eyes: maroon

Skin: powder white

Family: unknown

After traveling the world in search of immortality, Saint-Germain met Arachne in France several centuries ago and soon after became a vampire. He owns an extravagant mansion in the Garden District where he hosts many parties with the vampire elite. He also maintains a small occult shop in a back alley for select patrons only. Saint-Germain enjoys long, impassioned conversation with people he deems worthy. He plays violin and is a brilliant composer of classical music. His eccentricities put people off and attract just as many.


Hair: long black hair

Eyes: scarlet

Skin: ivory

When Arachne was transformed into a spider by Athena, Keres showed her that life as a spider wasn't too terrible. But after Arachne became a spider demon, she transformed her friend into the first vampire with her newfound powers. Keres adores Arachne as her found-sister and is mistrustful of others believing she knows Arachne in a way no other can.


Hair: dirty blond

Eyes: green

Skin: fair

The lead singer and guitarist of the band Blood Oath, he identifies Leo as their bass player

and as a future member of his vampire gang. When he bites a woman backstage and Leo defends her, Nathan throws those plans out the window. 

Beatrice Taylor (Bea)

Hair: short, dark

Eyes: green

Skin: fair, olive tone

The drummer of Blood Oath, she has fancied Leo since he auditioned and secretly hopes he will become a vampire along with their keyboardist, Arnie. She was saved from a car wreck in Australia by Nathan and owes her new life as a vampire to him.

The Casquette Sisters

Josephine (dark brown hair, blue eyes)

Odette (blond hair, blue eyes)

Magdaleine (red hair, brown eyes)


After terrorizing New Orleans residents, these three vampire sisters were imprisoned by a witch in an artifact for over a century. An unknown dark force releases them and commands them to dispose of Leo. Appreciative at being freed, they hurry to finish the task.



An ancient bat demon, he figuratively and literally took Arachne under his wing to mentor her in commanding her vampires and develop her demonic magical powers. He created dark creatures called Vrykolakas which haunt the streets at night, stealing human souls who stray outside their homes.

bael frog demon.jpg


Frog Demon

Chiyo Akuma (Chio-Chio)

Hair: short, dark

Eyes: Lilac-periwinkle

Skin: fair olive

A mysterious butterfly demon who wields a katana, she often keeps to herself, preferring to meditate alone in the gardens.

rat demon.jpg

Rat Demon

Olivier (Oli)

Hair: blond

Eyes: blue-green

Skin: tanned, fair

After Leo gets blacklisted from the music scene, he bartends alongside Oli who keeps a positive attitude. A mere human trumpet player, Leo asks him to play in a new band in Book 2 where he meets Serafine's grandson, Wieland, and takes a shine to him.

Madame Serafine Broussard

Hair: black

Eyes: brown

Skin: dark brown

The owner of Little Mystic's Magic Shoppe, she meets Leo when he comes in for a tarot card reading. She immediately takes note how important he is. Her grandchildren Phoebe, Reverie, and Wieland often help out around the store. She is one of the Coven Leaders, her coven specifically being blessed by the Goddess Hecate with a special gift.





witch 2.jpg


Hair: short, dark, unruly

Eyes: ochre

Skin: light caramel

A werewolf with a usually bubbly attitude and thick Louisiana accent, she was ostracized from her family and pack when she decided to be with a vampire. She co-owns the Crescent Fang winery with her husband, Ulrich. She hopes for a brighter future for all.


Hair: gray

Eyes: light gray

Skin: fair

A vampire with a surly, taciturn attitude from Eastern Europe who found himself falling in love with Marceline, a werewolf. He wears fake glasses because he likes the aestetic. He co-owns the Crescent Fang winery with his wife, Marcy, which supplies the NOLA area vampires with blood wine.

Clifford Kingsly.jpg

Clifford Kingsley

Hair: pepper-gray from light brown

Eyes: brown

Skin: fair

A vampire hunter and adventurer, he had a fling with Arachne years ago. He stands in the way of Arachne, Leo, and Monette in acquiring Lilith's demonic regalia.

Amaris magic.jpg

Evangeline Sinclair

Hair: long, blond

Eyes: icy blue

Skin: cream

Family: Valorie (sister), Camilla (mom), Justin (dad - deceased)

After the mysterious death of her father, she seeks vengeance against the demons and vampires that he spent his entire life fighting. She assumes command of the Valor's Cross, a secret society dedicated to ridding humanity of all creatures of the night. She will stop at nothing to annihilate the vampires, but does let herself get romantically distracted for a moment by Monette who is tasked with espionage and sabotage.

Amaris Gaumond

Hair: long, raven-black

Eyes: blue

Skin: fair

Family: Leo & Monette (children), Sterling (husband), Aine (sister), Simone (mom)

Of the old Irish coven and family Adair, all the children are born as a set of fraternal twins due to an ancient curse. While she tried to hide the fact she was a witch from her husband and children, to live a normal life as a human, secrets have a tendency of catching up with us... Her familiar is an owl.

Sterling Gaumond

Hair: dark

Eyes: gray

Skin: umber brown

Family: Leo & Monette (children), Amaris (wife), Donovan (brother), Marcus (father)

Sterling is haunted after saving his children from a supernatural beast in the woods. He thought his father was crazy for believing in creatures of the night. Though an average-joe accountant during the day, he secretly joins the Valor's Cross alongside his brother and father to fight vampires by night. The Gaumond family line was touched by angels after Sir Gaumond visited Israel during the crusades, revealed through distinctive gray eyes.

Mayor Richard Chevalier (Chev)

Hair: black

Eyes: brown

Skin: brown

Mayor Chevalier has enough to deal with in managing his city on top of worrying about the Creatures of the Night. He will make any move advantageous to him and keeping his position of power as NOLA Mayor.

Valorie Sinclair (Val)

Hair: blue

Eyes: brown, auburn tint

Skin: fair, hint of caramel tan

Family: Evangeline (sister), Camilla (mom-deceased), Justin (dad - deceased)

The little sister of Evangeline, Valorie often feels overshadowed. She tries her best to comfort her mom after the death of their father. Despite the threat of vampires, she is ever focused on her future with Rafael and making the best of what they have while they have it. Facing a crossroads of loyalty, she must choose her boyfriend Rafael or her sister Evangeline...

Rafael Cortez (Raf)

Hair: brown

Eyes: light brown

Skin: toasted brown

Family: Luiz (dad), (mom-deceased)

After Rafael's mom was killed, his dad would not stop to get to the truth -- this was not a normal murder, but the culprit being a vampire. He joined the Valor's Cross to seek vengeance and ensure the same fate did not fall another family. Rafael joined in his father's footsteps at 18. His otherwise humorous disposition is squelched when he gets into a life or death fight with a vampire one night and he wakes up after dying...

Leo's Cousins

Family: Donavan (dad), Chanel (mom), Marcus (grandfather)


Armina Gaumond

Bellona Gaumond

Cayden Gaumond

Damien LaCroix.jpg

Reverend Damien LaCroix

Hair: black

Eyes: brown, wears glasses

Skin: brown

Reverend of the United Souls Church in downtown New Orleans, Damien is gentle, charismatic, and always guiding those in need to the path of grace and wisdom. While he is at first oblivious to the creatures of the night, he must decide through faith and conscience on how to help people he does not fully understand.

Honiahaka (Honi)

Hair: dark auburn-brown

Eyes: dark pine green

Skin: russet-brown

Monette meets Honi New Year's Eve at a club and sparks fly... Honi is adventurous and wants to be free of her family's imposed traditions.

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